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Visualizzazione dei post da Febbraio, 2018

Nascita (It.)

La data della mia nascita è il giorno in cui ho conosciuto


Amor (Lat.)

[...] sed mulier cupido quod dicit amanti,

in vento et rapida scribere oportet aqua.

Cat., carme 70

Lost in the wild (En.)

Two years he walks the earth.

No phone, no pool, no pets,

no cigarettes.

Ultimate freedom.

An extremist. An aesthetic voyager

whose home is the road.
So now, after two rambling years
comes the final and greatest adventure.

The climactic battle to kill

the false being within

and victoriously conclude
the spiritual revolution.

No longer to be poisoned
by civilization, he flees,

and walks alone
upon the land to become

lost in the wild.
Now you're in the wild,
what are we doing?

You're just living, man.

You're just there, in that moment,
in that special place and time.


Maybe when I get back,
I can write a book about my travels.

Why n

Solitude (Fr.)

La         SOLITUDE         est           un            arbre 

sans         fruit.